dinsdag 18 juli 2017

Phil Foster - A Brooklyn Baseball Fan

When I was browsing on ebay for Dodgers related records I stumbled upon a 45rpm single by Phil Foster with the title 'A Brooklyn Baseball Fan'. Now, I only knew Foster from Laverne & Shirley so I looked him up and it turned out he was from Brooklyn (born Fivel Feldman) and in the 1950's was known as "Brooklyn's ambassador to the USA". I was intrigued and bought the record.

The skit begins and ends with parts of 'Take me out to the Ballgame'. In 3 minutes and 31 seconds Foster tells the listeners he's a Brooklyn baseball fan. He does an impression of some random Dodgers fans. Turns out one of them doesn't like baseball after all. Erskine is pitching, there is a debate about his quality.

Now, this single had a side B as well (duh!) It features 'The Kids on the Corner'. Not Dodgers related, so I'll leave it at that.

The record is from 1954. The only year the Dodgers didn't play in a World Series during a 1952-1956 time span and a year before the Dodgers won their first World Series. It's a funny bit, Foster's voices are awesome and when you close your eyes you can play out the scene at Ebbets Field.

You can enjoy it HERE.

Foster was a real Dodger fan. In 1957, when it was getting clear the Dodgers would be moving to the West Coast, he recorded the song 'Let's Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn'.

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