donderdag 14 juli 2011

Stadium tour

I'd been to Dodger Stadium once, in 2003. It was great! The Dodgers beat the Pirates 4-1. Shawn Green hit a homer, Dreifort won, Gagne got the save, you get the picture. Now, we were gonna travel from Chitown to LA and I already got my tickets for a Dodgers game, but I wanted more. On Facebook I saw pics and reviews of the stadium tour, so I booked a private tour for my g/f and me.
When the day came, I hoisted myself in my 'Dutch Dodger' jersey and we set off for the stadium. We entered at top deck and it was weird to see the stadium completely empty (something we're getting used to nowadays, even during games). Just some guy with a lawn mower on the field. And our guide of course who turned out to be a very nice and knowledgable girl (okay she was in her twenties, but when you're 40 everybody younger than 30 is a boy or a girl, sorry).
She started us off with the deeper meaning of the colors of the seats. And did we know what those numbers were over the bleachers? Yes, we knew. I said it would be nice if Vin would get his own number retired. It's not uncommon. At Miller park, there's a number for Bob Uecker, so... I hope Vinny will get his.
Then it was off to the Press Box and nancy Bea's Organ. It felt great to sit there, looking to my right, seeing the field. I imagined myself playing 'charge' during a world series game.
Van Ramblings of a Dutch Dodger

The Luxury Suite was big, but to be honest, I 'd rather sit on the Top Deck or the bleachers during a game. It enhances the 'Stadium Feel'. But that's just me.
The Dugout Club was amazing. Primarily because of the Commissioner's trophy of the 1981 and 1988 World Series. Very cool to be in such close proximity of these trophies.
Van Ramblings of a Dutch Dodger

The highlight for me, and I guess for every fan, was the dugout. We walked along the perfectly mowed grass and took the steps down to the dugout. I had to stand there for a while, saying nothing, recalling all the fantastic moments that had happened here, on this field, overseen by the guys in the dugout.
Yeah, I had to sit on the bench, give instructions to the team that wasn't there and even had to call the bullpen, requesting a closer and hoping Broxton was still in Triple-A.
Van Ramblings of a Dutch Dodger
Van Ramblings of a Dutch Dodger

And then it was time for something else. I thought it would be great to be in one of my favourite places in the world, with the person I'd like to be with till I die and let her know this by asking her to marry me. Now, let it be known my g/f likes baseball and will gladly visit a game when we're here in the States. But she's not a fan of any MLB team. If she likes a team, I think it's the Red Sox. But she knows how much I love the Dodgers and how I looked forward to this tour of the Stadium. I also knew she's not the marrying type, but I had to ask once, take the plunge, take a risk. And what is a better place to ask her than the dugout of Dodger Stadium? So I got on one knee and asked her.
Van Ramblings of a Dutch Dodger

She declined. Ow well, the rest of the tour was great and I could have known. We talked about it over lunch and both decided that love is more important than marriage and the former can be just as true without the latter (maybe better).
Anyway, we had a great day and I hope to return to Dodger stadium many times. Cause one marriage will never end and that's the one between me and Dodger Blue!