zondag 2 juli 2017


2017 looks like a homerun story for our boys in blue. Cody Bellinger reached 21 dingers in just 51 games, fastest guy ever to reach that mark in the majors and as a team the Dodgers hit a franchise month high of 53 homers in June, breaking the previous club record of 49 set in July AND August 1953.

With 112 homers in less than half a season they could go for a 200+ year. That, though, has only been done three times before in franchise history. Once in LA in 2004 (203 HR) and twice in Brooklyn: 1955 and 1953 (201 and 208 HR)

Those in the fifties were part of a seven year streak of most homeruns in the majors. The boys of summer hit at least 152 out there from 1949 till 1955. Gill Hodges (who weirdly still isn't a hall of famer), Roy Campanella and Duke Snider were the biggest contributers to the 1278 homers in those seven seasons.

Did that amount to anything touchable for the team, like a world series championship? Not really. Only in the final year of that stretch did the Brooklyn Dodgers win their first world series. Not that they weren't close before. They were on the losing end of the 1949, 1952 and 1953 world series.

How do world series titles and # of homeruns stack up?
1955, 1st in HR (201), played the Yankees (175)
1959, 9th in HR (148), played the White Sox (97)
1963, 15th in HR (110), played the Yankees (188)
1965, 20th (last place) in HR (78), played the Twins (150)
1981, 8th in HR (82), played the Yankees (100)
1988, 22nd in HR (99), played the A's (156)

Turns out it's not the amount of homeruns a team hits is much of a factor. Hitting them at the right time is key. Like the one bij Gibson in game 1 of the 1988 world series. But let's be honest, it never hurts to hit many. It is intimidating for pitchers to face a hard hitting team. So, that being said, let our boys in blue hammer at it all the way to October.

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