dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Think Blue Sign

In no particular order Vin Scully, Jaime Jarrin, Nancy Bea, Dodger Dogs, the Left Field Pavilion, Breaking the Color Barrier, Walter O’Malley, Dodger Town, 1, 2, 4, 19, 20, 24, 32, 39, 42 and so many more makes the Dodgers what they are today. It’s a club soaked in tradition. History has been made ever since they played in Brooklyn and still is today with players like Kemp, Kershaw and Ethier. Fans bleed blue and are quite vocal about their club. If things are going great it’s all good, if the club hits a bad streak because of losing games or bad management they lash out, but also try to come up with a solution for the problem. THAT is what makes a ballclub: The fans! And the Dodger fan thinks blue.
Which brings me to another, more recent, addition to the list above. Something that reminds us that in good times and in bad, we all love our Dodgers and the color which represents them: the THINK BLUE sign.
I’ve tried to look up when the sign was put up there. It was during the O’Malley era, which means it has been there since 1997 at least. I know it was there when I first visited Dodger Stadium in 2003. It sat there, in the hills, like it was reassuring the visitors of the games. “We might lose games, but think blue and we’ll still have the edge”.
Then, from one day to the next… the sign was gone. Santa Ana winds blew some of the letters down and the complete sign was removed. Apparently a Dodgers spokesman told the LA Times the team would repair the sign. But it never resurfaced. Maybe they’re planning something, but word hasn’t come out.
The sign is a regular topic among Dodger fans on Facebook. Talking about it is one, but doing something about it is something else. So that’s why I started the “Bring the Think Blue Sign Back” petition.
I set myself a goal of 500 signatures. Which should be doable among Facebook Dodger Fans only. So, bottom line, I want to ask you to sign the petition. Follow the link, that’s all there is to it. Ow, and spread the word. The word is Blue!