dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Happy to be Stuck with Blue

We've had some fun, and yes we've had our ups and downs

What a roller coaster season. I can't remember so many ups and downs in a 162 game span. The biggest high and lowest dip combined came on opening day. It was fantastic and sad at the same time. The Boys in blue beat the reigning world series champions, ultimately winning that series 3 games to 1, but it was also the day two Dodger 'fans' beat Giants fan Stow so hard, he had to be kept in a coma for months. It lead to a lot of blue, LAPD blue that is, in and around Dodger Stadium for a big part of the season.

Sometimes that other blue dominated Dodger blue because fans were fed up with the McCourts ownership and just didn't visit home games. A strong signal they don't put up with the money grabbing practices of Frank McC. There have been protests during nation wide televised games and a debate on the net about supporting the boycott or supporting the team. My opinion is that the players know why the stadium is empty. It's not because fans boycott them, but their owner. He won't be gone soon, but I'm certain he'll leave town eventually and hopefully a Garvey/Hershiser or Magic Johnson ownership is around the corner. Hopefully within the next few seasons. Preferably next season but I don't see that happen.

The sooner this ownership episode is over the better, because this team can get on top pretty soon. We had the coming back to life of Matt Kemp which resulted in a 30/30 season, something only one Dodger did before him: Raul Mondesi (in 1997 and 1999). Only missing a 40/40 season by one homerun. Who knows, he might have hit it in the never made up game against the Nationals.
Clayton Kershaw was a certainty whenever he pitched a game ending at 20-5, winning all four times he went up to two times Cy Young winner Lincecum. The guy has a great future ahead of him, hopefully at Dodger Stadium.

Loney had a high and low season at the plate. He was at .171 one month in the season but finished strongly with a .288 BA for the year.
Ethier started strong with a 30 game hitting streak, only one behind Willie Davis who still holds the record for a Dodger with most consecutive games with a hit (31). Ethier broke the hitting streak record for the month of April (27) a record previously held by Joe Torre for 40 years (22).

Kemp and Kershaw were All Stars and because of an injury Ethier was added to the roster, replacing Victorino. The national League won with great performances by all three Dodger players (Ethier 1AB, 1H, 1RBI, Kemp 2AB, 1R, 1H, Kershaw 1IP, 1SO).

There were also some new faces who got into our hearts quickly. It's because of guys like Sands, Eovaldi, Gordon and Sellers I have a good feeling about the team in the years to come.

Last season the Cardinals were swept at Dodger Stadium for the first time since 1988. This year the Cards were swept at home for the first time since 1993. That last game made the all time score between Dodgers and Cardinals 1002 won 1001 lost.

The season was a somewhat split. Before the All Star break the Dodgers were 41-51, after the break 41-28!

Been down that rocky road, but here we are, still around

And we had Vinny for a 62nd season, although he didn't do a lot of away games his voice was soothing when things went bad and an inspiration when the team did good. August 26th, just when Lilly had given up a homerun to extend that streak to 6 games, Vinny announced he'd come back for another season of Dodger baseball.

All in all it was a weird season which resulted in a 3rd place in the NL West and no post season (only 3.5 games behind the defending World Series Champs).

In April I called it the duct tape season and I think that's what it turned out to be. The team stuck together through good and bad times. And so did the fans.

Yes, it's true, I'm so happy to be stuck with Blue

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