dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

Vin Scully, almost gone but never forgotten!

As the season is coming to a close, we come nearer to the final Vin Scully sound bite. Which is a sad affair. This guy has been with the organization for so long, most of us can’t imagine a Dodgers game without him at the mike. His play-by-play and the stories he has to tell… soon forever gone. Now, what can I write what hasn’t already been written about Vin Scully? I honestly don’t know. I read ‘the Vin Scully Story’ by Curt Smith. As you can read in my review I wasn’t very happy with that book. So, maybe Vin has the time wo write his autobiography?
But I don’t think Scully is the kinda guy who thinks his story is so important, he’s a truly humble person. Soon we’re left with the memories of Vin’s velvet voice announcing it’s time for Dodger Baseball and like a father invites us to join his game. Because that’s what he does: listen to the Dodgers play with Vin at the mike is listening to a game Vin makes.
Memories, luckily, are plentiful and put on vinyl, cd, dvd, you name it, Vin’s voice has graced every sound recording media. A great example is the record album ‘Dodgers ‘59’ on which Scully takes us back to Roy Campanella Night, the play-by-play of Koufax’fanning 18 batters and much more. If you can get you hands on it: get it!
I’m very excited to be able to attend the Vin Scully Appreciation Night. Will the Dodgers organization retire ‘his’ number? The number 67! For decades Scully worked for and with the Dodgers? The Brewers retired number 50 when Bob Uecker was with the Brewers organization for 50 years. I say: ‘Dodgers retire number 67!’