zondag 8 november 2015

Two Days that Rocked the World: Elton John Live at Dodger Stadium

A book combining one of my favorite musical artists and my favorite sports team HAD to be awesome. Now, leafing through it for the first time it doesn't disappoint, it rocks! Elton John's concert series at Dodger Stadium on the 25th and 26th of October 1975 come to life again in this book filled to the brim, cover to cover, with Terry O'Neill's back stage photographs.

The introduction is by Elton's long time friend Billy Jean King, for whom he and Bernie wrote Philadelphia Freedom. It's a two page foreword that sets up the things to come perfectly. Have you ever tried to get your hands on an official Terry O'Neill print from those concerts? Well, it'll cost you! This book is s very, very welcome compromise. For less than $35 you get it all, 143 pages!! If you were at one of the concerts I bet you'll hear the music and feel the vibe when you turn page after page of distant memories. For me, who wasn't at one of the concerts but, like I mentioned, a fan of Elton, Terry's photographs and the Dodgers it's a great addition to my book collection and maybe leafing through it will shorten the baseball drought that's called the off season, while playing some Sir Elton John records.