woensdag 2 november 2011

What a week!

The Dodgers organization AGAIN makes history. Sue Falsone became the first female head athletic trainer in MLB EVER! She already was the first female physical therapist in MLB in 2008. The Dodgers keep paving the way in MLB for everyone who knows their bussiness no matter if they are black, yellow, red, white or blue (that last one would be preferable, at least the color of their heart) or their gender.

More history...
For the first time the Dodgers got three Golden Gloves. Kershaw, Kemp and Ethier are the recipients.
But the best news of all came this morning (yeah, living in Europe, you sometimes miss things during our night ;)). Frank McCheap is selling the team. I've been whistling all day at work and am buying a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate tonight. It's weird how good this feels. It shows us that evil doesn't win and the combined efforts of fans on social media and the boycott have had an effect. A 21% drop in attendence, he must have felt that. It's a wonderful day!

Now what?
I have no idea who are really interested except for the usual suspects. I'm not a fan of Cuban. I can't really say why. The Garvey group would have my vote. Garvey hasn't been much of a financial wizard, but he has that much needed blue heart. If he would team up with Hershiser and a bunch of LA based investors we would sit pretty.

What might come in November
Silver slugger award, MVP, Cy Young... This season must be one of the weirdest for the Dodgers ever. So many downs and loads of ups. All in all I look to the future with confidence. Only 159 days to the 2012 home opener and believe me, Dodgers Stadium will overflow now that Frank has gone. Let's celebrate!