zaterdag 8 juli 2017

Over .500

As a fan of the Dodgers my daily mood during baseball season depends on how our boys in blue are doing. It won’t be a surprise I’ve been having a spring in my step this first half of the season.

Somehow this team seems to be able to dig deep and then some more. You can see on Dave Roberts face he’s not worried and enjoys how his guys are playing. Offensively and defensively.

The All Star Break is coming up so we say goodbye tot he first half of the season and it’s been quite some years since the Dodgers have waved from so high up and over .500. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen this before in my lifetime and many of you either. 32 is the best start at the All Star Break of the LA Dodgers EVER! 

Big numbers in LA

The last time the team was 20+ games over .500 was in 2009 (24). They reached the NLCS but lost against the Phillies.

How long ago were they 25 or better after the first half? Well, hold on to your hats and get in the DeLorean, we’re going back, back all the way to 1977. The Dodgers were up 26 and reached the World Series that year. 1974 was even better: 29 games over .500 and a World Series as well. Those 29 games over were the best first half ever played in LA, until now.

Bigger numbers in Brooklyn

30+ has been done before but only in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn team surpassed 30 on three occasions, in 1942 (31), 1952 (30) and 1955 (32). So the year the Dodgers had their best first half ever, they won their first World Series ever. Talk about making history!

Numbers and results

A good first half isn’t always a guarrantee for a good ending. In 1973 they were up 26 and in 1962 a towering 27 games. Both times finishing second in their division. On the other hand they didn’t always have to have a great first half to reach all the way tot he fall classic. The boys in blue won the World series in 1959, only 10 up after the first half, 13 up in 1965 and 12 up in 1981 and 1988.

Where ever we might end up, a solid first half is never wrong. It gets your opponents thinking ‘are they that good?’

Lesser numbers

* Their worst first half? 1979, when they were 21 games under .500

* The most recent negative start? 10 under in 2011

* Their longest negative first half streak? 7 daffy years (1932-1938)

Wherever the Dodgers end up after 162 games, this first half is in the bag and man oh man, what an awesome half it was! 


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