donderdag 2 juni 2016

Two New Dodger Books!

I’ve been reading books about our Boys in Blue for some years now. I’ve made it up and down the timeline but most books are about the teams and players of the 1950’s. I was pleasantly surprised to discover two brand new books about the team. The first one came out in May. The Last Innocents has the tagline ‘The collision of the turbulent sixties and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ and is written by Michael Leahy, best known for his book ‘When nothing else matters’ about Michael Jordan’s comeback. Reading parts of the abstract I get very excited. Sounds like a great read:

“Bringing into focus the high drama of the World Series appearances from 1962 to 1972 and their pivotal games, Michael Leahy explores these men’s interpersonal relationships and illuminates the triumphs, agonies, and challenges each faced individually. Leahy places these men’s lives within the political and social maelstrom that was the era when the conformity of the 1950s gave way to demands for equality and rights.”

The other book will be published this month. Dodgerland: decadent Los Angeles and the 1977-1978 Dodgers by Michael Fallon.

“Part journalism, part social history, and part straight sportswriting, Dodgerland is told through the lives of four Toms, each representing different aspects of this L.A. story: Tom Lasorda, Tom Fallom, Tom Wolfe and Tom Bradley”

People from L.A. might be interested in the ‘Dodgerland event’ at the Allendale Branch Library in Pasadena on Saturday, July 23rd @2:00pm. The author will be present to discuss his book as well as sign copies.

Looks like I’ve got a fantastic summer of reading ahead of me. I will review the books as soon as possible.