vrijdag 12 november 2010

Dodgers 2011?

Dodgers among teams that show interest in Lee? Okay, cool... But what more is this than flexing their muscles? The organization wants the world to know they mean business, but Lee isn't coming. He simply is too expensive. It would be like spending all your money on a diamond and have nothing left to buy the ring. And it's the ring we want! So, don't expect Crawford Either. Instead of looking what we don't have, let's start with some of the best we have:

Starting pitchers
- Lilly
- Billingsley
- Kershaw
- Kuroda - free agent

Is it me or is this a great rotation? They all had great and less than great years, but what if they all pitch good during one season? They would be unstopable! Ow, and I am counting on Kuroda staying with the club.

Other/Closing pitchers
- Kuo
- Jansen

Kuo has been great last year, proving with 12 saves he can clinch a game and catcher turned pitcher Jansen also delivered, so I think those last few innings are safe.

- Kemp
- Ethier
- Gibbons

Kemp had a weird year, Ethier got injured, but I'm certain they can and will deliver in 2011. Gibbons did okay but it has been a few years since he played more than 100 games.

- Theriot
- Loney
- Blake

Loney's average is dwindling, although still a bit above the league average. I think he's a great guy on the field, he also knows how to swing a bat, but he's not a slugger.

- Martin

Good, but how good after his return. He surely isn't going to play 162 games.

So, with the right coaching staff, this is quite a promissing team. There are a few holes to fill though.
We need a catcher to relieve Martin. Miguel Olivo from the Jays might do the trick. Maybe Hudson back on 2nd base and Beltre on 3rd.
We need a good starting pitcher, but free agents wise (and affordable) I don't see a solution.

I personally would love for Konerko and Werth to come back to the club, but I don't see that happening.

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