maandag 1 november 2010

To cap or not to cap

I've been collecting world series winners caps since 2000. Why? Because I like baseball caps! I always hoped a new team would win the world series every year so I would not have a bunch of the same caps after 20 years. A dangerous gamble. The Yankees had already won in '98 and '99 and theirs was my first world series cap I bought. The chance they would win more world series in the years to come was very big. Now, I do not like the Yankees, but their cap is iconic. The Navy blue and the intertwining NY letters are known around the world. The world series patch made it a great cap. In 2001 America hoped the Yankees would win, because of 9/11, but they didn't. That young expansion team from Arizona did, also a great cap, but not one I would normally buy. I always had a soft spot for the Red Sox. So when they won in '04 it was the first world series cap I had a special feeling about. The world series patch sucked ass, though! Very modern, compared to the '00 patch, almost naked.
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Through the years I even got me the Phillies one, the second Red Sox and last year the second Yanks cap. This year I, again, was hoping for a Dodger cap, but that one was farther away then ever. A Rangers cap? Okay, I would have settled for that, but the Giants? Sorry... I can't get myself to buy a Giants cap. So I made the decision to stop collecting world series winners caps. It has been fun and I hope there will be a Dodgers one, I know for sure there will be. And I'll get that one. But for now I'm finished with this collection. Stupid ass Giants and their championship.

P.S. In case you're wondering, my favorite world series patch is in the pic below.
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