woensdag 1 december 2010

The Office Blue

A few weeks back one of my Facebook friends posted a pic of his (?) workplace and how it was dominated by Dodgers stuff. I never really was aware of the Dodgers related stuff I have in my office untill after I saw that picture. Which brought me to the idea to put up some pix of my office right here. I share my room with four other people who never complain, so I think it's manageable.

First of all I've got these great wobbly guys in front of me. They really are a fun bunch and I hope to adopt 6 more of them during the 2011 season.
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The last Dodger on the cover of Sports Illustrated was Manny. Not a nice one (about his suspention). The one before was awesome. So I framed it and although he's no longer in the Blue Crew, he still hangs on my wall. I hope to be able to replace him in the near future with a SI cover picturing the Dodgers celebrating their World Series win.
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Then there's this Sporting News cover I found funny, because the guys all look so happy and smug and I thought 'how can we NOT have a great season with these guys on the team?'
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Then there is this photograph of Dodger Stadium which I had printed on Canvas and then framed in two pieces. It's 3.3 feet high and 3.3 feet wide.
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Behind me on a semi-high cabinet is a Small batting helmet, Mr. Potatohead and some white wormy thing which I gave a batting helmet. Don't ask why, I just thought the white and blue looked Dodger-ish. And the best thing of all, pics of me with Tom and Orel.
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I bet there's more people out there who have (more) Blue stuff on their desks or around the office, so why not post some pix on facebook?

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  1. The bobble collection is looking lovely. I want to get that Mr. Potatoe head.

    Very nice office!