dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

A No-No for Bill Singer

Exactly 5 months before I was born, Bill Singer threw, what turned out to be, the only no-no for the Dodgers in the 1970's. This rare feat was put on record, literally! A nice piece of vinyl came into my possession recently.
It's grooves contain the voice of our beloved Vin Scully, calling the last three outs of Billy no-no's no-no. It's a younger Vin, talking a bit faster but with that very recognisable Scully style. It's fun to hear the crowd in the background and Vin giving details about how Bill's wife Ginny is keeping score. You don't need a picture, just the words describing the action and the scene are enough.
After the last out, the catch by Torborg, it's quiet for 40 seconds. Classic Vin, off the air to let the moment be the moment, not interrupting it. I get goosebumps listening to the conclusion of a historic no-hitter in Dodgers history.

If you dont have the vinyl itself, you can check it out on YouTube. Close your eyes and enjoy!

p.s. Ten years and seven days later Jerry Reuss got the next no-no for and in LA. Ten years and 2 days later, Fernando Valenzuela was the next Dodger.

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