dinsdag 30 juni 2015

D.O.D.G.E.R.S. Song

I love Danny Kaye. He was a fast talking, funny guy with great facial expressions. His performance in The Court Jester still has me LOLling when I watch it. So when I first heard about his Dodgers song I knew it had to be good. Turned out it was and still is. There are some fun fanmade little movies on youtube that accompany the song. The one by 'The Blue Crew' has great pics of all the players during the song. I tried to get my hand on the 45rpm but it was either too expensive or just plain unavailable on ebay. After some time of inaction I tried a Dutch online vinyl seller and yup, they had one! So, last week I could finally play the song on my record player. I can assure you, it's even more fun when you can play it on your own player. Kaye is so fast with names and plays, it's hilarious.

The 1962 season Dodgers-Giants rivalry inspired Kaye to record the song and most players of both teams are in it. I wondered if the plays he sings about were from a real game. The question was answered in a book I recently finished reading: The rivalry heared 'round the world: the Dodgers - Giants feud from coast to coast by Joe Konte (review coming up shortly).

So, not from real games, but could have been. Still love the song and every time the Dodgers and Giants play a series I'll play the record for good luck. Since we're at 3 wins and 9 losses against the hated ones this season... they could use some luck!

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