woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Following your Favorite Team

I wrote in my first blog that the only way to follow my Dodgers in the ‘80s was by checking the scores in the (Dutch) newspaper and once in a while I would buy a USA Today for a bit more background. And then you had to be lucky to find a story about the Dodgers. That was how I tried to keep track of the team.

Video Tape
Then in 1989 a sports channel had commercials from PonTel. They offered MLB games on video. You'd subscribe and get one tape every two weeks from the team of your choice. That's how I saw my first Dodgers games. I replayed a game at Wrigley Field over and over again. It was a second step, I actually could see the guys play a fairly recent game.

Well, in the nineties it was still difficult to follow the guys in blue, so I stuck to reading the papers. They didn't do very well in the nineties, besides the wild card in 1996 but I was faithful and in 2003 I finally visited Dodger Stadium for the first time. Since then I've seen them play a whopping 9 times. Only one time at home, three times at Wrigley Field and four times in Shea Stadium.

Since internet it's been easier for me. I can buy blue stuff and watch highlights of the games. I had a subscription on MLBTV which is awesome but the games are often in the middle of the night and I can't wait to get my hands on the final score so watching a game a day later isn't for me either. All in all, Dodger Baseball is closer than ever. What helps a lot is Facebook. To be in contact with other Dodgers fans on a daily basis is fantastic.

Live (2)
The nicest way to keep in touch with The Blue Brothers though is to visit a game live once in a while. Part of the fun is meeting fans.
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I've met Natalie and Kenny already in Chicago. But I hope to meet some more of you on April 14th of next year. On which day I'll attend the Dodgers - Cards game at Dodger Stadium.

Paper (2)
Funny thing! Just when I wanted to post this blog, the medium that kept me in the loop in the old days printed a picture of Joe Torre. This could very well be the first Dodgers related pic in a Dutch newspaper since the Orel Hershiser one after winning the World Series in 1988.
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  1. I love the Dutch Dodger history. Looking forward to next season, maybe we can meet up at Dodger Stadium.