donderdag 16 september 2010

Zach Lee: Rookie of the Year

I just got me a Zach Lee baseball Card. Just for the hell of it. How cool would it be if he'd become a rookie of the year? I love the buzz around the draft. And Zach's buzz was big! It was a brave gamble the Dodgers took with picking him. No one thought he would actually sign. But then... He did! And then I starter to think about the rookie of the year thing.
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The Dodgers organization has always had a nose for young talent. They delivered the first every rookie of the year in 1947, Jackie Robinson. Talk about your rookie of the century! And after that first one they did it another 15 times (!) a record! The Yankees only had 8 RoY's. On the other hand I think the Dodgers would happily trade some rookies for a few more world series titles.
Are RoY's and good in the long run? The title isn't a guarantee for a Hall of Famer. Some numbers:
Of the 16 Dodgers RoY's 8 of them have won a World Series (with the Dodgers or another team). Twelve of them have been part of an All Star selection, 6 of them four times or more (with an astonishing 12 times for Piazza).
Anyway, Colletti has plans to clean up the roster, I hope he means that in a good way. I think it's not bad if the organization takes a year or so to build on young guns, as long as we, the fans, see they're working on something. We don't NEED to win the World Series next year, but in the near future would be nice. And hopefully Lee can become that Rookie and notch a World Series MVP title to his career highlights. So, as always: Go Blue!

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